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About us

FAKEL EXPRESS is an independent publishing house for Bulgarian and foreign literature founded in 1995 by Georgi Borissov, co-founder of the FAKEL publishing house (1990) and editor-in-chief of the FAKEL Journal.

FAKEL EXPRESS introduces to the Bulgarian public some of the most outstanding classical writers of European, Russian and Bulgarian literature as well as contemporary fiction and non-fiction authors, poets and essayists from all over the world. One of the most remarkable successes of FAKEL EXPRESS publishers was the publication and popularization of the FAKEL Journal, a literary quarterly which has gained the acclaim not only of the Bulgarian public but of numerous famous authors and intellectuals throughout the world.

FAKEL EXPRESS continues the tradition of the FAKEL Journal by introducing to its readership new intellectual developments that highlight political and social changes in post-communist countries. Its varied publishing programme covers the following areas:

  • the problematics of post-communists societies;
  • a philosophical and sociological analysis of democratization processes;
  • the study of Balkan negative myths and stereotypes;
  • the new geopolitical and cultural division of the world;
  • the religious and cultural intolerance towards Christianity and modern western civilization;
  • the role of culture in the overcoming of the spiritual, political and economic crisis.

FAKEL EXPRESS has acquired its renown because it offers its authors and readers quality of production, excellent editing, and an unrivalled complexity of themes. Professionalism in the choice of texts and high translation standards contribute to its unquestioned authority among national and foreign publishing partners.

Among the top authors of FAKEL EXPRESS are Daniil Harms, Vasily Grossman, Alexander Solzhenitsyn, Joseph Brodsky, Sergei Dovlatov, Vasily Aksyonov Vladimir Voinovich, Yuz Aleshkovsky, Victor Erofeyev, Yevgeni Popov, Anatoly Korolyov, Lyudmila Ulitskaya, Mikhail Shishkin, Czeslaw Milosz, Cioran, Michel Houellebecq, Danilo Kis,  Patrik Ourednik, Dubravka Ugresic, Matei Visnieic, Georgi Rupchev, Vassil Balev, Krassimir Damyanov, Katerina Stoikova.

FAKEL EXPRESS was awarded in 2002 the national prize Hristo.G. Danov for fiction in translation and  the  great annual prize The Golden Lion of the Bulgarian Book Association for Selected works by Daniil Kharms.

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